Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sweet Babies!

 We have 6 babies at Tytoo Garden's Orphanage ages 10 months to 2 yrs old. Each baby is uniquely made by our Father, and  has his/her own story. :)

Meet Lovena:

Lovena just turned 2, but is going on 13! Wow! This girl has personality! Lovena was brought to Tytoo on August 16, 2012. She was very malnourished, both of her parents were teenagers, and they were unable to provide for Lovena's needs. Lovena had a difficult time connecting with the caretakers, and didn't take a bottle when she first came. But as you can see, Lovena is a healthy toddler now. She still is a little sassy, but her smiles make up for it. :)

Steve; our Dennis the Mennis:

Steve's dimples melt everyone's heart, and get him out of trouble ALL the time! Steve's father wanted to have him admitted to Tytoo, because he couldn't care for him, due to no job, and no money. Steve was living an 8x8 room with no mattress and no belongings. His mother's  whereabouts were unknown. So Steve became part of the Tytoo family in January of 2012. Steve's father lives in a nearby village, and visits him occasionally. Steve is a happy 2 yr old boy with MANY friends here! 

The Twins; Kella and Kelly

Kella and Kelly were admitted to Tytoo with their 17 yr old mother in November 2012. The girls weighed a little over 15 pounds at 18 months old. Because of their severe malnutrition, Kelly and Kella's immune system has a difficult time  fighting off even a common cold. But thanks to Medica Mamba (a peanut butter packet with lots of nutrients) the girls are finally plumping out. Kelly and Kella's mother is no longer staying at Tytoo, because of her lack of obedience to our rules, but she does come to see her daughters almost weekly. It has been a joy seeing God heal these fragile bodies, and shine through their smiles! 


Chris also came to our gate 2 months ago very malnourished and sick. His mother wanted to leave him here, but with much encouraging she agreed to stay at the orphanage with him.  After a week of eating 3 meals a day, receiving lots of hugs, and getting medicine and Medica Mamba, 1 1/2 year old 
Chris was showing signs of improvement. However, Chris's mom was still uninterested in taking the responsibility of caring for her child, and decided to leave him with us. Because we knew that Chris's mom didn't want to care for him, we couldn't bear to make her take him. God has definitely brought significant healing to this little boy! The twinkle of life is in eyes, and he is always full of smiles!

Kerina Hope

Kerina is 10 months old and was left sitting outside our gate 2 months ago. Kerina appeared to be very healthy, clean and well cared for when we found her. Her mom was no where in sight, and didn't return for Kerina until 3 days later. By that time a judge had already placed Kerina in  Tytoo's custody. Kernina's mom was not interested in bringing her home, but wanted us to know that Kerina has family. How a mother can abandon her own child like that, I will never understand!  Kerina's giggles and spunky personality has won the hearts of many here... Including mine! 

Needless to say, the babies at Tytoo are precious and are pretty darn cute! However, with babies ..comes expenses.  Our budget for diapers, wipes, lotion, shampoo, powdered milk, formula, and food for just the babies is $1,000 a month. If you would like to provide care for these SWEET BABIES financially, you can give to:
Touch of Hope
205 Old Mill Lane 
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
(With TYTOO BABIES in the Memo)
With love,

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